The Training of Superman Part 1

[this clip picks up where “Superman Submits” left off]

Superman is still locked in a cell with a kryptonite chastity cage on his cock, blocking his powers, and blocking his ability to have an erection and empty his blue balls.  A villain, and henchman of the Evil Dr Kincade, Jessie Colter, enters the cell to torment the man of Steel.  

First Superman demands to be released.  When Jessie just laughs at him, he tries to fight back, but Jessie is much stronger, and just toys with him, busting and squeezing his balls and throwing him around.

Then Jessie gets serious.  He tells Superman that his master is not pleased with him.  He needs Superman to last longer before cumming, and that’s what they are going to work on today.

First Jessie teases him, leaving him in chastity for his cock to swell against the cage.  Then he ties his cock and balls up with a rope, leading him around the room, humiliating him.  He makes Superman count the kicks to his balls, then finally starts to toy with his cock.

Every time Superman gets close to cumming, Jessie pulls the rope and steps on his balls.  After a few times, Superman is begging for release.  Jessie tells him that the next phase of his training will be anal, and he will have to ask to be fucked in the ass if he wants to cum.

The man of steel is broken, tells Jessie that he owns his balls and he will do whatever he wants, “Just please let me cum…”

Jessie leads him away by the balls to get his release…

to be continued…