Training of Superman Part 2

Jessie leads Superman into the evil Dr Kincade’s office, where he first met Superman.  He puts Superman on the examination table, unties his balls and leaves him briefly, returning with a “Purple Kyptonite Dildo.”  This type of kyptonite is not strong enough to kill him, but does contain an aphrodisiac, which will drive the man of steel crazy.  

“Now beg me to fuck you with this!”  Superman protests at first, but his blue balls win and he breaks.  Jessie puts his boots in the stirrups and goes to town on his ass.  While he is pounding Superman’s prostate, his cock gets rock hard.

Superman tries to fight it, but cums all over himself, which Jessie collects for more experiments.  Then Jessie makes Superman get on his knees and service his hard cock until he cums all over Superman’s face and chest.  Jessie kicks Superman in the balls a couple times, then leaves him on the ground with the Kryptonite dildo still up his ass.

While Jessie is gone, Superman regains some strength, pull the dildo out and hides behind the door to sneak attack Jessie.  He knees the villain in the balls, gathers his super suit, and escapes naked.