Superman Betrayed Part 1 BALLBUSTING

Superman is teamed up with another hero, Alex Adams.  He has been mentoring him for some time, and they heard that Catwoman has been burglarizing suspicious homes so they investigate together.  When they catch her in the act, Superman is just about to apprehend her, when she pulls out a Kryptonite necklace…

The man of steel turns to his side kick for help, as he is quickly becoming week and powerless in the presence of Catwoman dangling the green necklace, but Alex Adams is of no help.  Instead, he throws Superman to the ground, kisses Catwoman on the cheek, and laughs at him, showing his betrayal.

Catwoman leaves the two EX-partners alone so Alex Adams can have some fun with him.  Alex picks Superman up by the throat, and gives him a few knees to the balls.  He throws Superman on the sofa, steps on his cock and laughs over him, gas pedaling his cock and balls.  Alex Adams is sick of being told what to do and revels in his new power over the man of steel.

He throws Superman on the ground, but the Kryptonite necklace breaks giving Superman a brief moment of limited power, which he uses to grip Alex’s balls and squeeze.  Alex is shaken and in pain, but is able to wrestle Superman’s briefs open and drop the broken pieces of Kryptonite down his pants.  Then he grabs Superman’s balls and grinds the Kryptonite into them.  “Does it burn?  This has got to be destroying your balls…”

to be continued…