Picking Up Lance And His Feet

[this is “Picking Up Lance” and “Foot Hook Up with Lance” as one continuous scene for a discount]


You find Lance at a resort.  He’s enjoying a cigarette and he notices you checking him out.  He tells you he really needs a foot rub, and notices how your eyes light up.  He gets excited and tells you how he wants you licking his toes.  


After describing to you exactly what he wants to do with you (foot worship, foot jobs…) he invites you to his room…


Lance has you in his hotel room.  You are on the floor beneath him looking up at him and his feet while he plays with his cock.


“Lick my fucking soles…”  Lance instructs you to worship his feet while he gets himself hard.  Then he jumps on the bed and strokes his hard cock while you lick and suck on his feet.  He tells you to stroke your own cock while he edges him self over and over.  He wants you to keep on the edge of orgasm with him.


He plays with his balls and cock until you can’t take it any more and he tells you cum all over his feet.