Top Cop PART 1

Lance Hart is a cop, walking a young thug into a room to make his arrest. Lance makes it clear that he hates gangsters, and is going to do everything in his power to take his whole gang down. He orders Cameron to strip in front of him, humiliating him.

Cameron attacks the cop, quickly gets the upper hand, and then orders the cop to strip. Once he has Lance in his underwear, he makes him put his cop hat, boots and belt back on just to make him look silly. Then he tells the cop to worship his dirty feet.

Lance is prideful at first, but Cameron convinces him with some ball busting to get to work on his feet.

As the cop is on his hands and knees sucking Cameron’s toes, Cameron starts commenting on how he looks like he enjoys it. “I bet you like to suck all kinds of things…”

Later on he has Lance bound at the wrists and hanging from the ceiling. He abuses the cops balls a little, then shows him that he is totally into guys’ feet by licking and sucking on the cops toes. The bound cop tries to act like he doesn’t like it, but he is clearly aroused…

to be continued…