Cousin’s Balls FULL

Lance has a trouble maker cousin, Derek, who just got out of jail. Lance let him stay in his apartment until he can get back on his feet, but it’s been a while now, and Derek hasn’t made any effort to get a job. He just sits around, wearing Lance’s clothes, eating his food, and being a slob. So Lance threatens to call Derek’s Probabtion Officer, unless he let’s Lance take out his frustrations on his balls.


 Lance makes Derek take off his sweatpants, so he can see his bulging target better, then makes him spread his legs wide open for some direct snap kicks and knees. Then he sits him back down on the couch so he can grind is balls in with his bare foot which is partly shot in POV so you can see what it looks like to do this yourself :


 Later on….


 Lance walks in on his scumbag cousin, Derek, being lazy again on the couch in his underwear. Lance starts to give Derek about not getting a job, and threatens to break his nuts again, but Derek turns the tables. He tells Lance that he went on his computer and found all the gay porn and “discreet encounters” that Lance has been into. Derek threatens to tell everyone about his secrets unless lets him break his balls.


 The tables have turned….