Wedgie on Sebastian’s Turf

Lance is creeping around the basement of an apartment building.  This is the turf of his long term bully, Sebastian Keys…

Sebastian catches him in a hallway, puts him in a headlock and drags him into one of the apartments.

“I thought you were out of town…” Lance pleads with his bully.  Sebastian just gives him a noogie, then a wet willy.

Lance cries uncle.  Sebastian does it again and laughs.  No matter how much Lance begs him to stop giving him wedgies, Sebastian keeps going harder and laughs.

He gives Lance a rough wedgie from the back and from the front, then puts him in a “jock lock” and leaves him there.

“If I see you on my turf again… I’m going to give you an atomic wedgie!”

[part of this clip is slightly out of focus]