Unorthodox Vasectomy FULL

Lance has infiltrated a urologists office and is posing as a doctor. He has some hayseed convinced that he can give him a “No Needle” vasectomy. There might not be needle, but there will be a lot of kicks, stomps, grabs and squeezes. Lance brings out a few tools first, and talks about possibly using a hammer, knife, machete or sword, but then just goes to town with his bare hands and feet.

After quite a bit of abuse, Lance attempts testicle re-insertion with his foot in order to give the farmer a week of sterility, then he sends the farmer home to rest so he can bust him again next week…

The farmer has returned to Dr Lance for his check up. Lance needs to check out his balls, and how the “testicle reinsertion” procedure from the last week worked out. He stomps, kicks, and knees the farmer’s balls for a while to see what the next steps will be. After a while, Lance grabs a ladle and two bamboo sticks to really go to town on his balls with “adjustments.”

Lance tries to keep to cool tone, so the farmer can’t tell that he’s really getting on destroying his balls. If the balls don’t stay inserted and damaged, they will have to be removed.